Bell My U(nigh,verse) City {Pic: Sea Dust}

Lemme ’splain my spleen:

Sophie’s choice was a CT
scan(-tilly clad) stir
-fry cook monk chanting
in {pig}Latin.
(ixnay on the awn mower, lei)

Long story short
(straight dark hair):
we blew a gasket, ordered
a casket in pine, tried to salt
our toes
and ponytail
(Poe knee tale)
that wayward sun.

Silence lingered,

Still, p(s)alms
(proverbs, Ecclesiastes)
have a way of (em)balming
the idle
(thou shalt have no

Do you see? One of his slow
-burning looks
(right hooks,
slightly crook
-ed smiles)
can slay a soul in seconds.
(don’t come back for thirds)

Really, we’re all only
about ninety-five (s)miles
{as the robin (f)lies}
off the main (s)quad,
slightly less gilded
(glided, guided, be

than God.


Just whistling a Thistle for my Shawna. Head over for a great word list! 

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3 Responses to Bell My U(nigh,verse) City {Pic: Sea Dust}

  1. I could really follow the list as it went… really a story in all it’s sadness… Though sometimes smiles are better than miles.

  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    This is absolutely brilliant De ❤

  3. Em says:

    Ha ha. First I saw “Belly My U.” I wonder if that means legs or arms! 🙂

    “Lemme ’splain my spleen:” … Oh, lord. I can already tell you’re gonna do-in my funny bones with this one, girl.

    Whew. You took me from giddy giggles to heavy heart in about ten seconds.

    Sanaa’s right. This is brilliant. I won’t waste your time pointing out certain bits. But you know I see what I see: what you said, and then some.

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