I’m bringin’ home a baby,
she says. Won’t mama be
………….(so proud of me)
surprised? My eyes are
of sour milk, knowing
our whole world’s about
to crackle loose and buzz
into something else.

My bubblegum snaps with
knowing, tastes

A 4th Q44 for dVerse. I haven’t linked it up yet, cuz posting four on my own prompt feels a bit over the top. 😉 



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3 Responses to Bumble

  1. Em says:

    our whole world’s about
    to crackle loose and buzz”

    Your title is so close to “bum bell.” 🙂

  2. I feel that sadness when the bubble of childhood breaks like that.

  3. Sad in Life
    when expectations
    become more than human..
    when children are no longer
    brought uP by village..
    and raised.. instead
    by bumble
    hard discs
    of memories
    etched online..:)

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