Spell, Bound

Come, sit a spell
in the citadel and
help me coral (core all) my
-bulls. Dey got
sharp horns
(and harps, shorn)
and dey songs is harm,
-(s)izing up all this strange.

You got a pair, a graph
dat might outline all dis
appointment? You got
a sigh-cology
we might share? Sit
right over der, we be
wit you in a month oh
sumdays or two.

Hey. You
wan count to ten? (I sea.)
You wan marry land?

Jus’ come on down to
connect de cut, and
pen syl’s veins, ya.

We state de truce.

Inspired by an incredibly creative and fun prompt by Gillena over at Toads. 





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11 Responses to Spell, Bound

  1. gillena says:

    Nice write. Nice play of words. Luv your spelling of Pennsylvania

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love…

  2. So many things to love here.. .I just knew you would love the prompt… the sigh-sology and the marry land… you have hidden so much in this poem… 🙂

  3. Kerry O'Connor says:

    Loved the sigh-cology and the names of the States. This is right up your alleyway!

  4. Sumana Roy says:

    absolutely spellbound…whew…spelling all words your own way…

  5. Mama Zen says:

    “sigh-cology” I so love that!

  6. Candy says:

    Oh, this one was made for the mind of De Jackson! What great fun!!

  7. Rommy says:

    The prompt was perfect for your style. Your mastery of word play is wonderfully showcased here.

  8. Jim says:

    This made for a fun read, De. I can ‘feel’ the fun you had in writing it. I believe that Pierott’s technique could be made ‘riddle fodder.’

  9. Sherry Marr says:

    I LOVE the fun wordplay here, especially “we state de truce”. LOL.

  10. ihatepoetry says:

    I can hear this coming through your perky little voice. Loved it.

  11. Bekkie says:

    This was a lot of fun to read!

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