Knowing Q


I grew
up on Klickitat Street,
knew that a dawnzer
gave lee light, and that
Mr. Nosmo King
might arrive at any

Q is not a question;
it’s an answer. A moniker.
And it should have kitty
-cat ears,
and whiskers.



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7 Responses to Knowing Q

  1. cayn says:

    Good heavens, I love this.
    Oh, how you dew no mi.

    aye that

  2. sncan says:

    Ramona!!!! ❤ This is so lovely. Thank you!

  3. Ha.. Love the kicks, like a step dancer.

  4. nmykel says:

    I’m slow–after two readings it sank in. Hilarious and precious.

  5. ❤ Dear Ramona Q. THANK YOU for this. I'm going to get out all of my Ramona books now . . .

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