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.. Origami is a fool’s errand, a graceless swan, the crease between your eyes that says this strange day just won’t end, the bend in the map that would close the gap if only we could invent such a thing, … Continue reading

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angel dance

    It’s National Poetry Month. 🙂 If you’re stuck, magnetic poetry is a great place to start. Just click, poem, and screenshot.

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Shouting Yes to No One But the Moon

(Lune-acy, and a lady in waiting)     .. Call her crazy, fool -ish and strange, spangled in spilled stars.     .. A Lune poem, for NaPoWriMo, day one. Come play!         

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Fool(ish) Dragon

.. Give her an inch, she’ll take a mile and you can hang your hat on the corner of her smile like a crescent moon dimple. She’s impish, and skimpish when it comes to threads, ever glad to be scantily … Continue reading

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Half-baked, hale and –hardy.

… It’s a day for painting myself purple periwinkle -prosed, poised proud with a pen -chant for plums (eaten, so delicious, so sweet.) It’s a day to be -fuddle myself full-mooned and frosting sprinkled, muddled and puddle-wonder-filled. Come my way … Continue reading

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