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The Family Tao of Pooh

… I live with a droopy Eeyore and a bouncing Tigger and a wise owl, which leaves me either pondering Pooh or nervous, worried rabbit. ………………………………………….{Depends on who you ask.}       . A family ‘portrait’ for NaPoWriMo, day … Continue reading

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Dissonant Dance

… He said the world was flat – pancake flat without the syrup sweet, wasteland flat, desert flat. Absurd, that. She said the world is round, all indigo swirl and slight moon curl and flag unfurled with pinpricked stars to … Continue reading

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The way the earth smells, after a storm

… she thinks the world turns on a song spilled out long and lean along a riverbank flanked by pebbled hearts waiting. he drinks her words like quiet raindrops, stops only long enough to remind himself to breathe.   ..

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mustard seed

.. she says keep the faith, and i am trying, pinching that tiny thing between my fingers for safekeeping. He says if I crush it soft, spread it around, it just might flavor everything.   .. Day 2 of the … Continue reading

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