dearest Charlotte,

oh what a (terrific) tangled web
of complimentary phrase,
days of radiant dedication
to a humble friend.

we loved your vocabularic
ponderings, your wily
wisdom, your parachute

why’d you have to leave us
…………………….at the end?


NaPoWriMo, day 3. Come play! 


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3 Responses to dearest Charlotte,

  1. Leonas Lines says:

    Ah, so clever and cute…:) Nice job!

  2. Shawna says:

    Since you lowercased the “d,” it draws attention to the big “C” (Sea) in the second word. So I see “dearest sea harlot.” 🙂 Also, Charlotte’s pretend “terrific” might actually hide “tear-ific.” But maybe that’s ’cause she knows she’s gonna have to die before long. But she has to make sure Wilbur will be okay first. Make sure he has friends and family who will take care of him for her.

    I like how you sneaky-snacked several of her words into the poem. Also how you drew attention to “why’d you have” at the end.

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