Hula-hoops and Hiccups

{her silent mo(o)n-oh-log}



God bless you,
they say when she sneezes
on her own peppered salt
and cherry-chalked snow,

(fiddle-de-de, she flees)

Don’t you know you’re (k)not
supposed to squeeze the charm

Just play your flutes and chutes
(see ya)
laters, pick up your floopy
sticks and chasm-ed gem

Just ask Pan. We fly, but never



My Shawna gave me a fun and funky list. This is what spilled out. 😉 





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5 Responses to Hula-hoops and Hiccups

  1. Shawna says:

    Man, I am giggling to the moon and back over this one. 🙂

    “(fiddle-de-de, she flees)” … you said “fiddle De-De” [snicker]

    “Don’t you know you’re (k)not
    supposed to squeeze the charm
    -in?” … I actually think I’m supposed to keep it inside sometimes, but try as I might, it just bubbles right out. 🙂 And I am NOT talking about toilet paper and related activities. Or charm bracelets, although they are very cute. Just charm.

    LOVE: “pick up your floopy

    “chasm” … Have you ever noticed the cha-cha and S&M in this?

    holler = ho lair
    grams = G rams … also a Grammy for some-thing or another 🙂 Hey, that’s a grandma too!

    I heart this … big time.

    • Shawna says:

      P.S. “Big-time” is related to Sex and the City. I love that guy! Also Aidan. Not the French guy, though. He was just weird.

      • whimsygizmo says:

        Oh, my gosh. Remember when Aidan told her “You broke my heart!”

        I watched all the episodes on TBS, as reruns. They ran all the seasons consecutively one time, a long time ago. So when I saw the movie (the first one, I haven’t seen the second one), I was a little shocked at the content. Ha. I shouldn’t have been, considering the title…but apparently TBS left some stuff out that HBO included. heehee

      • Shawna says:

        I just watched that yesterday … and he didn’t TELL her. He screamed it … and then she went running down the street. 😦 He was the most adorable, gorgeous, delicious thing. But still, you can’t fight that Mr. Big connection. You just can’t.

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