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Meet Jan

… She’s December’s darker sister, un -spangled, decked only in broken resolutions and a disturbing con -stitution of boxes stacked side -by-tired-side and waiting. She’s too long and too dull and too disassembled and too far in debt to resemble … Continue reading


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Pirate Moon

.. Shiver me timbers and shimmer me, quick under this evening’s Cheshire grin, stretched out over this stolen sea. Watch the stars melt against an ebony skillet sky, bubble over into something simmered, salted slender, small. Just a slight lull, … Continue reading

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Spittin’ Distance

.. My best girl lives just over yonder. You can see her front porch from here, where we drink our lemonade and her Daddy drinks his one beer. Gonna marry that girl, if she’ll have me, under that cottonwood tree … Continue reading

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blue green marble

… marvel at its size and shape and scope ………and hope and ivory haze, wonder about the One ……………who made it. but there are still days when any one of us ……..would trade it for a good aggie.     … Continue reading

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