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wild women of relatively newfound {freedom}

… of speech, we hold these voices to be self -evident, created to sing. we have the right to bare arms, calves, midriffs and dance under an ardent (or nonexistent) moon. of assembly, we hold our sacred sisters close, hands … Continue reading

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scribbled daisies in delicate margins

.. swearing by all flowers, she spins hours making eyelashes of petaled promises, lovesmelovesmeknot chains of whim. give her a peri -winkle pen and a bit of white space, and she’ll ……………(erase) trace her own heart along veined vines, and … Continue reading

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swear by all flowers

.. , love me, …love ……..me …..not, but petal me something more than this one falling thought caught by wayward ………………be(e). .. for NaPoWriMo, day 8. 

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{Sevenling: Spring}

.. Spring flings herself forward in falling blossoms, sacred sun, singing trees. We daisychain hands, loop strains of song. Plant poems. Sometimes, the robin hums along.   .. Prompted by Prompt Nights with Sanaa over at A Dash of Sunny. … Continue reading

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