gotcha! tag, you’re it!
no need to argle-bargle.
don’t lollygag, you nincompoop –
finagle me a bagel.

it’s time to host a hullabaloo
with all the silly words;
canoodle up a codswallop, a
doozy of absurd.

come, jot and tittle a tiny little
phrase. ignore those crazy
collywobbles – spell-unking’s
all the rage!

squeegee me some poetic glee
that comes from gobbledygook.
kerfuffle up a wonky cup of
malarkey tea, you kook. let’s get (bam!)

-boozled together, discombobulate
our brains. i’ve brought along
my bumbershoot; i sure do hope
it rains. shenanigans

are here, my friends. let’s skedaddle
to our pens. this is no fuddy-duddy
fartlek; we’re running to the end.

you flibbertigibbet. i’ll bumfuzzle
this tumble
-bumble time. we’ll jumble in
a snooker of gin, and get drunk
on ridiculous rhyme. it’s a

hokum hocus-pocus of berserk-iosity.
let’s load up our word blunderbuss
and bust through reality. holler

gandyloo! look out below! a flood
of claptrap’s coming. we’ve got a slap
-stick slipshot sort of silly mojo

cockamamie? yep, just maybe.
but it’ll be a hoot
-enanny, see? so lickety-split,
come get with it, and bazinga
the day with me.





A bit of silliness for day 12 of the Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge. 


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