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The Law of T(h)rees

.. These silent elms make paper trails of silver moon; my haunted heart makes haste of all these wasted things and more. Ask the acorn how she’s grown. Ask the silent elms to pilfer the silver moon’s glow, a tao … Continue reading

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Holding Demons at Bay with Her Left Hand

detail from Shelle Kennedy’s “Madonna of the Flowers” find Shelle on her blog, Etsy shop, and Facebook Her right one’s busy, juggling responsibility and freedom; song and silence, keyboard and keys. Counting toes and syllables. Keeping one eye closed so … Continue reading

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High Ate Us

He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul. – Psalm 62:2   .. Sometimes we are consumed by gleeful contentment of our own making. Forsaking reality, we opt for places we can breathe, adopt a new philosophy, … Continue reading

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hum-drum conundrum

.. we: sit, ponder ……..it. trouble is, time’s got legs; …………………….runs.     ..

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The Year of Writing Dangerously

Give her an audacious heart. A quiet spot for noisy bones. A stone to throw softly or un ………-throw. Give her the sting of her own salt, a stum -bled place to start, …a slant of sun a nook of … Continue reading

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… Right up until about 4pm, everything was fine. Now, it’s time to give Mommy a naughty chair, and a sippy cup ……………………of wine.     ..    

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