The Law of T(h)rees


These silent elms make paper trails of silver
moon; my haunted heart makes haste of all these
wasted things and more. Ask the acorn how
she’s grown. Ask the silent elms to pilfer
the silver moon’s glow, a tao of trees.
Ask, and paper trails out like quiet kites,
a sky of indigo paper, trails of hope; and now
the silent elms read the slivered moon her last rites.


A san san (a new-to-me form) prompted by NaPoWriMo, day 14

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4 Responses to The Law of T(h)rees

  1. Marie Elena says:

    san san … I need to look into that. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful! Quite often with special (new) forms the “picture” takes a backseat to the structure. It takes a lot of work or a special gift to be able to meet the criteria of the form and produce a piece where the form is like a backbone upon which the poem is built — unseen but supportive.
    You are a very gifted wordsmith. The poem and imagery touched me and I forgot all about san san. I was carried away by the moon and trees. Thank you!

  3. Bryan Ens says:

    Oh this is lovely! Love how the trees read the last rites to the waning moon.

  4. lifelessons says:

    This is wonderful, Whimsy. Believe me, I know how hard this form is and you’ve done it beautifully. I agree with little learner. The form was not at all obvious. Applause!!

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