Lavish Paper Vessels


She’s got a pen
-chant for flat surfaces,
a song to hum to snow.




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3 Responses to Lavish Paper Vessels

  1. She says:

    This is beautiful. I especially like the title and the last line. (I’m listening, for you to hum me a song.)

    Are those fish (la fish) in your title? Maybe you’re ice fishing … thus the flat surfaces, the frozen lake you’re breaking open. Fishing with your pen, and your witchery. I love that you’re still in a boat, even though you’re “floating” on something solid … and that the boat is made of paper. Also, your body is a vessel, which is made of paper as well. So you’re catching fish, which is always slow going, so while you wait for them to take the bait you’re writing on your own body and your boat.

    Am I right? 🙂

  2. So short and so packed with meaning. A pen can do that. I love the way this poems sounds. There is a rustling sound, like paper.

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