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Lunch at a Roadside Diner with 600 Miles to Go

.. The waitress has to be at least 80, and they’ve got one of those jukeboxes that still takes quarters, and you put all our laundry money in and start singing along to Queen and order yourself up a pattymelt. … Continue reading

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.. I’ve supersized; it seems my eyes were bigger than my gut. What? McStuffed. .. A side of McFiction for a last minute submission for today’s Poetic Asides PAD. 

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ekphrastic of nothing

  …  apropos of some small –things, this thing is not the thing. it is a fraction of the thing, yes. an ish. a tish and jot and tittle. perhaps from somewhere in the middle, or one end. it’s a … Continue reading

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WayBack Alman(i)ac

… ’tis cloudy with a chance of drizzle, weeping willows waiting. our chi texture? swirls and curves, and custom eyes-ed sunrise song. just listen to the hum -ming birds, the snails. the mermaids of this vast wide sea. her childhood … Continue reading

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