Lunch at a Roadside Diner with 600 Miles to Go


The waitress has to be at least 80,
and they’ve got one of those jukeboxes
that still takes quarters, and you put
all our laundry money in and start
singing along to Queen and order
yourself up a pattymelt. Me, I’ve got
kinks in my shoulders and tingling
toes and a rock in my stomach that
says warning don’t put anything else
in here, or else.
And the paper towel
thingy in the one filthy bathroom isn’t
working and I’m wearing my last
clean t-shirt.

Maude brings you your straw
-berry milkshake, and like a pro
you start drinkin’ it.

Remember that left we took
back at Albuquerque?

……………….I’m rethinkin’ it.





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4 Responses to Lunch at a Roadside Diner with 600 Miles to Go

  1. lifelessons says:

    I love this…Ready for the next one!

  2. Bryan Ens says:

    Road side diners the world’s over. Love the Bugs Bunny reference.

  3. Shawna says:

    Such big grins for this. 🙂 Have I ever told you that you are a genius poet?!

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