::Off Us::


The world is minding its own
business today, and
the fuss of us is no longer
discussed, even
at the water cooler.

The sparrows
are having a meeting
to discuss the appointment
of a new branch
manager. The night shift
snails are sleeping.

The sky is writing
memos to the moon.


Prompted by Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge, day 18



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1 Response to ::Off Us::

  1. She says:

    Title is so clever! “off us/office.” I love it when you do this.

    The opening line is a pow … because we do invent our own worlds in our heads and live there instead of where we really are, and it’s kind of a shame. I think we’re going to regret it one day. Maybe today. We’re missing out on too much “being present(s).”

    “a new branch // manager” … you little smarty … also, “the night ‘shift’ manager”

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