Effervescent Garbage Symphony


We have had a small
spare change epiphany,

a scintilla of soft sofa
a filament of fun dip,
a myriad murmur of mud.

Diaphanous in its own dumb,
this day is drummed by an

Flotsam. Jetsam.
; a hunk or two of strange
-bled stain.

Grab a plunger. A toothpaste crest
-scendo is eminent, ethereal
in its iridescent sink

Absinthe makes the heart
grow(l) for breakfast,
dine her and w(h)ine her

Whisper me a bellicose breadbox,
mug mystique.

the mirror


NaPoWriMo, day 24.
**Please do not reblog without permission.**



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3 Responses to Effervescent Garbage Symphony

  1. Shawna says:

    Best title ever. 🙂

    That opening couplet cracks me up. Lots of your little sneaky funsies do.
    “a filament of fun dip”
    “ethereal / plumber”
    “{junk} / ; a hunk or two of strange”
    “iridescent sink / scintillation”
    “Absinthe makes the heart / grow(l)”
    “Whisper me a bellicose breadbox”

    “Erstwhile” is such a tickle-me word. 🙂

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