An astonishing number of girls
in the sophomore class of Pahrump Valley High
were Prince
for Halloween.

Slicked-over hair,
ruffled shirts, raspberry
berets, purple reigning
everywhere. Inflatable guitars.

I was Madonna,
Desperately Seeking
in lace gloves, miniskirt, teased
-up hair.
……(AquaNet fume fog to follow.)

But it didn’t mean I wasn’t listening,
wasn’t weaving his lyrics
into the fabric of my teens,
didn’t long for a
….(much too fast)
little red Corvette
of my own.


Prompted by Toads

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11 Responses to 1985

  1. Marian says:

    I see you! Love.

  2. Kerry O'Connor says:

    If a person weren’t a teen or young adult in the 80s, he/she wouldn’t know how we feel about this specific death. It is the passage of time we mourn for, as much as the loss of one of our own. Prince defined an era.

  3. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    fabric of my teens… love this ❤

  4. I have to say I was probably more influenced by others than Prince… (I still recall dressing like Bowie in 1983)…

  5. Rommy says:

    This was me in the 80’s as well. Oh how I loved my black lace over hot pink wardrobe.

  6. Helen Dehner says:

    While you were weaving him into your teen psyche, I was inhaling him in my 40s!!

  7. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    This is just lovely in every way!

  8. I love this. Mostly because I, too, was of the teased hair, ripped fishnet stockings one-woman crow who heard the little red Corvette and felt the Prince.

  9. Thanks for a glimpse into your memories. Ah…that Aqua Net…

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