Brewing Up a Poetry Burg


He’s ekphrastic and fantastic,
in fine form, and free verse, too.
He can slant rhyme or ottava rima
(I don’t know what that is? Do you?)

He quadrilles us, and he thrills us
(and he fell in love with the sevenling).
He’s prolific, and profound
in the way he causes words to sing.

He’s penned of (ant) wars and of
distant shores and of paintings and
of Valkyries. He’s from dust of book
-shelves and many selves and tea at 9.

Dappled sunlit trees. Whirls of winds.
(In)sincerity and ice. He’ll slice you a
phrase or two, brew you some poetic tea,
and make you want to stay all day.

A most admirable, adored poet.
He writes in his second language,
but you’d never, ever know it.

Another one for dVerse secret admirers. More of a teaser riddle with many hints, as I don’t think I could emulate his incredible style if I tried. 😉 


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10 Responses to Brewing Up a Poetry Burg

  1. Victoria says:

    Wonderful tribute to a most loved and talented person. Even though miles separate us, pleased to think of him as a dear friend.

  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    A Poet well worthy of praise 🙂 Excellent De ❤

  3. Patti says:

    I’m impressed at how you can write in these different styles, and do it so well!

  4. Abhra says:

    Smiles – you must have the best time writing for this prompt among us all….

  5. Another lovely piece.

  6. kanzensakura says:

    Oh this is wonderful. A truly loved and talented poet and friend. Bravo!

  7. annell4 says:

    Admired and adorable, love it!

  8. Mary says:

    Well, yes, you captured his essence!

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