The Importance of Being


we’re seeking more than
all this scattered skin,
some place inside ourselves
we might be
-gin to hide. Stop hiding. Un
-mask ourselves to sun. Be
come one
(come all)
with the concept of un

The essential trick
of finding it (that which
you didn’t lose, never had,
will never have, might not
have ever wanted in the first
is grace. The face
of the moon. Swoon

over breath. Death.
The transient nature
of trees. A spill of
breeze over slanted
smile. The piles of paper
work it takes to get
done. The un
-latchings of laughter
and love.

Shall we question every
single little
thing? Or simply
close our eyes and



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3 Responses to The Importance of Being

  1. annell4 says:

    That is all we need to do, sing…or whistle…to complete piles of paperwork….I am just amazed at you!

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