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Sky song for a Friday afternoon

Blue is held in heart and chest, stirred by significant breeze, contemplated by clouds. We shroud ourselves in -digo proud, believe ………………..in blur.   .. Prompted by Toads.     

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Feeling Like I Could Breathe Again

.. I remember standing on a lawn and watching bats fly out of our attic. I was 3. I remember the little red rims the cinnamon Santa eyes would leave behind when we ate them off of all Gram’s cookies. … Continue reading

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.. gone girl. gong girl, high on king kong girl, smack that plane right outta the sky. wrong, girl. too long, girl. don’t just run, girl. fly.   ..

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Showing Up on the First Day in Two Different Shoes

.. The automatic coffee maker does its job that morning. The alarm clock, notsomuch. Now in a rush, I carefully choose clothes that say I am a responsible adult, a dependable, reliable soul who will certainly be a major asset … Continue reading

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this poem is a happy hazard

… it’s wearing both a caution sign, and a Ha -kuna Matata t-shirt. it has flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo, but it can’t decide between the angel wings or a skull. it’s all define me define me … Continue reading

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