full dance cards

the stars are falling,
calling us out onto this ebony
silk sway floor,
lulling us to melt
our way to shimmered sky.

let’s skip rope on Orion’s belt,
twist again
and crescent moon grin,
cloud bubble our troubles
and then shimmy back for more.


Another Q44 for dVerse. Come play! 

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7 Responses to full dance cards

  1. Shawna says:

    How beautiful:
    “calling us out onto this ebony
    silk sway floor”

  2. I love the thought on skipping on Orion’s belt…

  3. kanzensakura says:

    oooooooo – *love* this. all of it. but crescent moon grin puts the same on my face. Lovely lilt in this.

  4. Grace says:

    Wow, love the use of the quadrille words ~ This is my favorite:

    let’s skip rope on Orion’s belt,

  5. sMiLes.. FuNnY
    hoW soMe folKs
    onLy moVe soMe
    hiPs.. tAp
    anD dO a jiG..
    tHe MilKy Way saYs
    spiRAl baBy wITh
    aLL yoRr aRms.. fEEt..
    hAnds.. aLL ARouNd
    wE SwiRL aLiVe
    SUns oF HUmans
    weiGhtleSS rEVoLVinG
    aRoUnd BLack wHOle
    soUls oF liGhTnoW..
    CreaTinG FReED!..
    TriEd tO dO 44 butT enDeD
    uP wiTh A fuLL deCk oF 52..
    64 enD noW

  6. OBaW..
    mY toEs..
    aLL CoLoRs..
    aRe proPpED
    uP toO wITh FiT..;)

  7. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Oh, yes please! Beautiful writing.

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