Girls in Green Dresses Under a Gargled Sky

They dance in significant
circle-sway, lull the moon to come
out to play, blow hope bubbles
and grin.

They begin the melting of
winter, the shimmer of spring,
summer served with a twist
and a hop-skip, too.

They green
their own sea
of blue.


A second offering for today’s Q44 over at dVerse.
This one uses all 9 quadrille words we’ve used so far. 😉 

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14 Responses to Girls in Green Dresses Under a Gargled Sky

  1. Grace says:

    Wow, all the quadrille words ~ I love it De and that ending is a blue diamond 🙂

  2. Shawna says:


  3. You are having such fun with this prompt and I with reading your work. And all the others, as far as that goes.

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    So cool to use all the Q44 words we’ve had! I like hope bubbles! 🙂

  5. Oh, this is great. All of it. It pulls up an image of girls skipping, jump rope. It reminds me of story I read as a child, but I can’t quite reach it …!

  6. Child’s dance
    of green
    off oF tAble
    blAck way back…:)

  7. Misky says:

    Wonderful! Makes me want to dance!

  8. Ah.. I wonder how far you can make it… Quadrille 44 might be a true challenge… love the thought of verdant ladies giving spring.

  9. lillian says:

    Wonderful…..espcially blowing those hope bubbles! 🙂

  10. kim881 says:

    Wonderful final lines – I’m wearing green for my daughter’s wedding – usually I’m in black, grey or blue!

  11. banya sigh says:

    I see gargoyles in the title as well.

    I hate the word “green,” so I almost didn’t do this prompt. But when you pair it with “dresses,” I suddenly like it just fine.

    This is my favorite, of course:
    “circle-sway, lull the moon to come
    out to play, blow hope bubbles”

  12. Mish says:

    “They green their own sea of blue”….wow!
    …and the challenge continues…love it. 😉

  13. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Oh yes, that is always one of the first, most delightful harbingers of Spring!

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