Teen Lashes



**eye roll, eye roll**

She’s like, so totally over all the duh-rama,
already, like, so totally ready for summer to
get here.

**eye roll, eye roll**

She’s got hair that needs sun-kissed and
song lyrics to memorize and sketches to
draw and

**eye roll, eye roll**

like, Netflix to eye guzzle and texts
to LOL at and like, a million ideas
for redoing my

**eye roll, eye roll**

room, which I know we just redid but
I’m like, totally bored with it already
just like I will

**eye roll, eye roll**

be with summer, by the time
August rolls around because, you
know, like,

that’s just how
I roll.



Walt’s guest hosting over at dVerse Poetics, and we’re asked to do a character sketch. She’s a character, all right. And I ❤ her. 

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24 Responses to Teen Lashes

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    For the record, while she’s like, soooooo Pinterest, this little chica is also spending part of her summer leading summer camp for younger kids, and attending church camp herself. All of which will, I assume, be extremely Instagram-able. 😉

  2. lillian says:

    OH — chuckling out loud and recognizing this teenager eye roll eye roll. Did you somehow get into my past to find her, like um….I think you must have like gotten into my head…like when I substitute taught for 8th grade for like a month and like tore out my hair and the only thing like good about it was like the cafeteria when like they served homemade cinnamon buns with macaroni and cheese. Like this is FABULOUS! 🙂

  3. Oh, Darlin’ you do have a way! I’m in love with this piece. I will roll with it long after Tuesday’s gone!

  4. banya sigh says:

    Oh, Abby. I feel you, girl. I agree with you on ALL counts … especially on getting your mom to help me redo my room. 🙂

    That “eye roll” to “I roll” thing was brilliant. You are so gifted, my dear.

  5. banya sigh says:

    Plus, you did this really cool thing with the personhood. You went from third person to first person, which sort of morphs what she’s going through with what you went through as a teenager. Very cool effect, turning her into you, or turning you into her. 🙂

  6. Grace says:

    I am chuckling whenever I see that *eye roll, eye roll* ~ Such a terrific character sketch De *smiles*

  7. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Wow! ❤ ❤ Such an awesome character sketch, De 🙂

  8. therisa says:

    Found myself, being transported back, the late 1980s and conversations, I had my parents, and the looks, I gave them. Except, I didn’t do the “Valley girl”, it was the goth thing, for me.

  9. I really like this because you’ve written it like a play, with little asides to the reader. This makes it really approachable.

  10. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You master dialogue excellently, something I appreciate; echoing one of my own quirks. I raised three daughters, & there was enough eye rolling to fill up hours of note. Now all of them are in their thirties, & we have a caterer, an RN, & a MSW in the family–plus seven grandchildren to play with, then send home when the iPad & iPhone go dead, & we run out of animal cookies.

  11. Super fabulous. What an interesting time of life. And you capture it so brilliantly. “Netflix to eye guzzle.” ❤

  12. They are so cute, and so fantastic to meet the teens.. See them roll their eyes at parents while acting grown ups to their parents friends… Just like that summer camp…

  13. tsdwords says:

    Oh yes. The chorus of the teen years is definitely eye roll… thank you for the smiles😃

  14. durfeem says:

    Bwahahahahaa Love this while at the same time very happy that all my eye rollers are safely stashed in their own lives. The worst offender with an eye roller of her own.

  15. kim881 says:

    Great word-play and oh, I do remember my teenage girl, all those years ago – she still rolls her eyes and pouts occasionally! Let’s hope she doesn’t do it on her wedding day!

  16. Bryan Ens says:

    Kids. ..the drama changes from year to year, but the drama is always there!

  17. This is like, cool.
    Love it! 🙂

  18. Oh// Lord.. a life of bits
    and bytes of human
    liFe.. i am so glad
    i missed iT younG..
    but oh
    God i’M iN
    iT anyWay..
    help help..
    eye rolls of
    screen scream
    priSon.. Calgon
    take me aWay
    to commercials

  19. Arcadia M says:

    Love the title of this piece.

  20. The rash spirit of youth – the sharp action and reaction – is so beautifully captured in your words. It’s an advantage to be older and still manage to connect with that spirit.

  21. The quintessance of teenager-itis.

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