Waggling a Dodgeball Sky


We interrupt this regularly
scheduled broadcast to bring
you this small sting
of stars, this long string
(theory) of cars
headed straight out of the city.

Have you broken any laws as
of late? Gravity? Gravitas?
A brusque briskling of souls
against a new moon? Too soon,

you’ll notice our clear(d)ance
has expired, spiral-spired its
way south. Put the difference
in a measure chest and bury
it deep. Keep watch. Keep wax
-ing and waning and wonder
-wandering your own melted
way into the dusk.

Hey, nay
-bore, have I men
-shunned we got our sig(h)
-nals crossed as we tossed our
selves into a frisky sun?

He’s won, you know.
Burned us straight on
through to broken soul.

Simmer me, timbers.
We’re home.


Oh, you know. Just havin’ some fun with Miz Quickly




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4 Responses to Waggling a Dodgeball Sky

  1. barbara_y says:

    I like the first best, but the whole kicks.

  2. banya sigh says:

    You came up with some way clever twists in this, like “measure chest.” Brilliant!

    more faves:
    string theory of cars

    So you know what’s hotter than the sun? … Two moons. 😉

  3. You paint with words so seemingly effortlessly. LOVE THIS! Especially:
    “Keep wax
    -ing and waning and wonder
    -wandering your own melted
    way into the dusk.”
    I’ll be turning this ’round and ’round in my head all day. 🙂

  4. ihatepoetry says:

    Cute cute cute – you talented lady.

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