It’s all in the way
her eyelashes fall
over emerald green,
the slant of her smile.

He knows.

She winks,
thinks nothing
of scar
-let swirled halls,
white sheets;
dreams of
peacock feathers,
plums, and
lit just right in
significant ballrooms.


Playing games with Poetic Bloomings. Come on over! 


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2 Responses to Clue

  1. blogoratti says:

    A special and intimate piece. Greetings and have a nice week!

  2. Shawna says:

    Oh, my. This is phenom. I love the way you set it up to be about the game, Clue. These are characters trying to detective things out.

    I love the opening stanza, that “he knows” and then the wink, the whole poem, but especially that closing phrase: “significant ballrooms.” That is really cool. It makes me think of the ball pits they used to have at Chuck E. Cheese. 🙂

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