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Assembling the Dragon

.. We give her wings, knowing she will leave us. Knowing she will take all this glorious bold jade skin and match it to the sky. We etch her scales with salt and sea and sorrow and hope, knowing she … Continue reading

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Sorry About Your Toes, She Says

.. unstress.STRESS.unstress.STRESS. I amb confused on which is which. STRESS.unstress.STRESS.unstress. I really am trying to follow the pitch. My feet are tangled, my muse is sore. STRESS.unstress.STRESS.unstress. I’ve tri-ed, I’ve di-ed, I’m pent up and hexed. It’s unstress,STRESS; less “un” … Continue reading


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A Meter Maid Goes Rogue

(she’s not all that fond of feet) .. The ticking of the clock is off; her feet are tired, and waning. tickTOCK, clickCLACK. Creep close, stand back. The only thing she craves is sea, a salted skin for staining. Moon … Continue reading

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