Sorry About Your Toes, She Says


I amb confused on which is which.
I really am trying to follow the pitch.

My feet are tangled, my muse is sore.
I’ve tri-ed, I’ve di-ed, I’m pent up and hexed.
It’s unstress,STRESS; less “un” than STRESS.

I’ve two left feet, a dizzy muse.
I’m thinking in syllables, all confused.
I can’t stop rhyming, although I’ve tried.
(No really, I can’t stop. Brain=fried.)

Not at my best,
I must confess
that all this counting
leaves me STRESSED.


Another one for Victoria’s dVerse meter prompt. 😉 


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9 Responses to Sorry About Your Toes, She Says

  1. Could you hear me laughing down south, there, girl. This is clever, clever, clever and I feel so very guilty for causing everyone such STRESS this week. Nah. Not really.

  2. lifelessons says:

    Ha.. Someone once asked if I think in rhyme and actually, I often do! Stressed in a good way–If life gives you stress, make poetry!

  3. This is so amazingly fun,
    fun, funny and TRUE!
    I wish that I could paint with words
    the wondrous way you do.

  4. Very funny and I enjoyed the giggles! Sometimes these forms can drive one mad!

  5. Ha.. this is so very funny… the stress on feet… I amb… indeed.

  6. jillys2016 says:

    Love the title and what it says about what you said… or something like that. Fun stuff!

  7. Charley says:

    N’uff sed. I laughed! You don’t need feet to feel the poetic beat. But it gives you a place to hang your shoes on.

  8. Grace says:

    I love all the stress and unstressed lines, smiles !

  9. lillian says:

    Catching up on my reading this morning — on my second cup. Love this! Smiling I amb 🙂

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