Bigger than Blue


You sit at the edge
– right there, see?
and breathe it all
in, begin to know
the secrets of the
breeze and the way
the earth flows,
spills, stands still.

You steep yourself
in indigo and cobalt
glass, a shimmer of
sky and the watchful
eye of all this bigger
-than-you Blue, feel
it seep into your skin
and through your soul.

You roll your tongue
with a mighty blue roar,
the soaring hope of
feather and wave, the
way that water saves,
changes, follows the
moon’s fragmented whim
through starspun sky.

You try it on for size,
immerse yourself in aqua;
drink your fill and know
you’ll never get enough
but this one small moment
is enough to last until
the next time you breathe
in full again. Again.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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4 Responses to Bigger than Blue

  1. autumn shawl says:

    I love the third stanza.

  2. 49lilykatz says:

    Thank you, this is just gorgeous.

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