feckless freckle poem


freckle me some words,
me says
(to me)
who really
wants to wade
back into the sea.

freckle me some words,
she says
(to she)
and so I sit here, desert
and less than footloose

freckle me a poem,
me says
to me. dot all eyes
and crisscross
all tease;
we’ll see what

freckle me a poem,
she says
to she. and so we
our way
across this bumbled be.



My Shawna said write a freckle poem, so i dood it. 😉 


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3 Responses to feckless freckle poem

  1. Freckle as a verb–gotta love it. Between you and Lillian I’m getting all kinds of verb-al rousings.

  2. Shawna says:

    That “cinnamon kisses” (or whatever it was) phrase was too adorable!

    So cute:
    “dot all eyes
    and crisscross
    all tease”

    I don’t know what just happened, but about 20 minutes ago, my mania flew right out the window and now I’m entering cry-mode.

    No a-la.

  3. annell4 says:

    What delightful play with words! I enjoyed it all…a bit of a game for me and thee.

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