3 Responses to grenadine grenade

  1. patchouli moonflower says:

    She does like this. 🙂 YOU are very good at this … and … that.



    “with a splash of cherry coke

    “bring ice, suffice” … this line break / hard-rhyme

    “with pinkies
    (and eyebrows
    and a little hell)
    raised” … I love that this makes me picture pink eyebrows.

    “let’s ink-float” … let’s sink-float … This is an oxymoron, because you CAN do two opposing things in your imagination. You’re also talking about floating/dreaming/imagining/writing (in your head) while you wash dishes, cook dinner, etc.

    “make B lie Eve” … “make be; lie Eve” … That was very clever.

    Ooh, or “make B belly Eve” … That’s cute too. Especially if we’re talking about blowing raspberries and Eve is a little girl rather than the first sinful woman. Also, especially if it’s a big, fuzzy cartoon bee blowing raspberries on the little girl’s belly … and if he is her only friend. That would be such a cute kids’ movie/book.

    “twist the stems
    with your tongue” … These are actually cherry-flavored Tums that have an S on them … to make your tummy feel better, not worse … for a quick chalk+cherry fix.

    “drink kink” … Again, very clever.

    “til we’re d on e” … That’s you on top of someone named E. 🙂 Ooh, so either you’re the bee, on top of Eve OR you and Eve are gal pals; her best friend is the buzzy bee, and yours is an elephant. 🙂

    This is gonna be the cutest movie ever!

  2. Soooo clever. I do not know anyone who can play with words the way you do. Brava!

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