The Blurry Aftermath


Blowtorch. Deep
-water. The flu(n)ctuation
of de
-cadence. The new
(seducer soon and locust long)
that come too soon
and leave urban sprawl
cloudy walls.

Account for falling. Coconuts.
The crypt
-ology of reason. The corrupt
seducer seasons of con
-nation. Flesh, in all its
failings. Ladybug wings
and carrot

-cake with no frosting.

Shall we dream? Or hold our
-selves un,



My Shawna gave me a wordlist. Thanks for the unstuck moment, Girl. 😉 

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4 Responses to The Blurry Aftermath

  1. Shawna says:

    I LOVE “The flu(n)ctuation of de” … I am SO there, man. 🙂 We flunk. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? Repeat the grade, I guess.

    Cracking up right here, missy: “Blowtorch. Deep” … OUCH! I hope you’re talking about the soul.

    “Account for falling. Coconuts.” … This is a great line. I do not like the idea of having to give an accounting for falls. Not even just actual body-falls. (Ooh, picture with me a waterfall, but with bodies falling over instead of water.)

    So I love the idea of saying, “Coconuts” as an expletive. In fact, I’m going to start doing so immediately.

    “The crypt” = the cry PT (physical therapy) … Honestly, the best thing for sadness, depression, a broken heart, being stuck in a funk, etc. IS physical therapy … or at least, physical activity. Let’s start working out a lot, K?

    “-ology of reason. The corrupt” … The corrupt-ology of reason. … Nice. That’s smart writing/thinking, girlie. Ooh, also “the core upt ology” … which is almost an early pregnancy test (to see if there’s any new life growing in your core/soul/heart, only it’s a “u” instead of an “e.” Apparently, EPT also stands for “European Poker Tour,” which could be related … because what is the heart but a poker game (piece)? … Anyway, instead of “early pregnancy test,” this is something that begins with “u.” Underwater pregnancy test. Ulcer pregnancy test (to see if your ulcers are having ulcer babies). Ursula pregnancy test. (That’s the sea witch from Little Mermaid. I feel like her, sometimes. How do we get there? Don’t you know she wonders that sometimes … like, how did I turn into this awful witch? This isn’t me at all!)

    Boy, did I go off on an absurd tangent. 🙂

    I knew you would see/play with the “condom” in “condemn.” Also, “dem” backwards is “med.” Who doesn’t need some healing?

    That is nothing short of hell, right there:
    “and carrot
    -cake with no frosting” … So glad you thought of carrot cake. … Fro-sting. 🙂

    I see “hold ourselves sun-silent” at the end, which is simply gorgeous!

    Ooh, also “hold our un-selves.” That is GOOD.

    I love the “D(e)-ream” inside of “dream.” I always have to draw that out. It’s like you filling up the pages of a ream of paper.

    Because of the way the words stack, I also see “Shall we dream ourselves done?”

  2. Cryptology of (t)reason would have worked too… so much to love here though

  3. ihatepoetry says:

    Always fun to rad your wordplay, but I’ll be horn-swoggled if I know what it’s about.

  4. Grace says:

    Great use of the words De!!!!

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