cinnamon sprite

she’s pixie
-stick quick and ready to
play, all freckle-sprinkle fab
-you, lust.

-ossible things will happen
when you kiss her spicy lips,
her speckled hips and that
place on her inner elbow
that makes
her sigh.

aw, sugar.
she’s got starlight on her skin,
constellations traced intricate
rhythm thin. see?

she’ll be
and everything in be
-tween, if you just whisper
her out of these tangled, spangled
woods. good

luck. she’s
seasoned, but she’s


Shawna asked for a cinnamon fairy poem. How could I resist? 😉 

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3 Responses to cinnamon sprite

  1. Shawna says:

    Oh, lawdy. This is so far beyond perfection. Seriously, if I could medicate myself daily with the feeling you just gave me, I think I could be a’ight.

  2. annell4 says:

    This is a good one for sure! Cinnamon Sprite!

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