Lake of the Sky

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Step in
and begin to know
Blue. A healing
hue infused with wave
and breeze and pine.

Stay awhile
and maybe she’ll don her
crimson dress,
put on her sunset best
for your evening pleasure.

Bring your wine
to the beach,
teach your children
the significance of silence.

Jump from a rock.
Sway on the dock.
Kayak the shore.
your own soul.

Stay long enough
and one day
(wooed by moon, perhaps,
like her salty sisters)
she will wax forth
oceanic and sing
you a siren song.

Stay long,
and then sprinkle some sand
in your pockets to keep
for the
(less blue)
days ahead.

(Shhhhh. It’s fairy dust,
if you let it steep.)


Native Americans named her.
I have claimed her as my very own. My heart, my soul’s true home.

At dVerse Poetics today, Lillian bids us to travel a bit, and take our reader along.
Come along for the ride. 

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30 Responses to Lake of the Sky

  1. chrisbkm says:

    Just lovely (and familiar).

  2. lillian says:

    ooooh, thank you for taking me here! Soooo many favorite lines in this ode to Lake Tahoe:
    teach your children the significance of silence — this is profound!
    It’s fairy dust if you let it steep. — smiling I am with this line.
    Wonderful take on the prompt! I do remember how you love this place and that love comes shining through! 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    I heard so much about this place, thanks for expanding my appreciation.

  4. Sherry Marr says:

    So beautiful……….breathtakingly lovely, both poem and place.

  5. Nan Mykel says:

    Lovely — carried me right along like a blue wave,i

  6. “… infused with wave/and breeze and pine.” Ahhh.

  7. GreaTest heARt
    oF hUman
    thaT GroWs
    morE iN
    thaN Books..
    SpiRiT moveS
    conNecTinG.. CreaTinG
    miNd And BoDy WhOle..
    Ocean GroWs soUL
    wE noW
    oF nAtuRE

    • erbiage says:

      Katie, i’m fascinated by your use of capitals. what are you trying to do with that? is it random? FARE of nature is interesting, so is the e-yes of eyes.

      • Shawna says:

        He’s a genius. He’s creating words inside of words, telling secrets and stories, and most people are probably missing it. You’ll never meet anyone as smart as this man.

      • SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. erbiage.. i FeeL/
        SeNse poEtry more than ReAson iT
        but as Yin and Yang goes.. i do
        both.. Standard IQ.. is rather new
        and antiquated too.. as all standards
        are.. all of
        Nature aka
        God iF one
        can see a painting
        even larger than that
        in tapestry of finer strokes
        as brush of we.. all is synchronicity
        and all is ink blot wHere ultimately
        our multi-UNiverse as perceived
        becomes our own
        and liGht
        of all that is
        aka God As well..
        SMiLes.. the longer
        answer is on my blog
        to the tune of over 3.3 million
        words as complex or more complex
        than this in the longest long form poem
        now arriving at 703 Macro-Verses of Ocean
        Whole poem.. that can be titled many things
        from that to a 42 month witness for God of all..
        to ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ iN the SpiRit of Whitman
        too.. in his prophecy that the standard of before
        will be the priests of the cosmos now..
        wHere the greatest
        Lover of the
        iS the
        PoEt who
        SinGS a SonG
        oF soUL Long and Free..
        i am the Ocean.. i am a Field..
        i am a wave.. a river.. a stream
        and a droplet of water as particle
        too.. i have no limits.. no expectations
        and my dance in real life for 6 thousand
        miles in praising all that is life of what i find
        now.. in just three years.. iSreal MaGiC2 mY friEnd..
        it stArted somewhere in the Renaissance age.. with
        folks Like Leonardo.. Michelangelo.. Beethoven.. Mozart…
        in darker lives of Van Gogh.. Poe.. Aleister Crowley in more
        modern days.. and perhaps even with what remains of a
        oral tradition of 40 years for a man who died on a
        cross no less no more.. than the price of
        free.. i am.. ’cause i can and will..
        i do.. aS fearless love powers
        all that i do do.. my
        Friend.. and
        there are others
        like me in a new
        age.. with no limits
        or expectations like my
        Friend Shawna here.. who
        in her 40’s may do much more than
        me stArting all of this at age 50.. and
        you too my friEnd.. as you can see me..
        more fully.. for most folks they miss the
        who of i online.. but haha.. in real life believe or
        not.. and sure i can prove it too.. as 1000 smiling
        ear to ear dancing girls with me in that same Ocean
        Whole Poem with close to 100K total photos and
        scores of thousands of music videos tale too..
        yes.. i am named Dance Legend at 233LBS of
        Arnold looking middle age dude
        who wears shades every where
        he dances.. in all the public
        stores where his
        wife ‘Isis’.. let’s just
        call her an Egyptian
        Goddess for now.. shops.. never
        aging either at 46 as the photos now
        show too.. and yes.. sHades required
        for a stint of Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia..
        for 66 months from wake to sleep also known
        as the worst pain known to mankind.. technically
        assessed as worse than the pain of crucifixion..
        3 hours would have been so much easier than
        66 months but that and 18 other life threatening
        disorders in synergy of total then effect/affectd of heLL
        oN earth.. including losing all my emotions.. even
        the memory of a smile.. or laugh..
        as there is no reference point
        for any of that when
        emotions go..
        where one second
        is a thousand years
        of hell where all is time
        and in comparison.. in heaven
        on earth there is no time at all..
        only heaven which makes writing
        a full 12 million words as documented
        online since ThanksGiving day of 2010..
        even in hell for 33 more months then until
        the end of July of 2013.. a cakewalk of sorts
        where i get to eat the cake and icing whole now..
        anyWay.. this is the short version to your answer..
        and sure i’ve already discussed the long one to date
        now.. thanks for asking.. i’m sort of that dude or dudette
        they speak of in the Gospel of John.. who will do works
        greater than Jesus.. but nah.. i am just a grain of sand from hell..
        or a
        seed perhaps
        with winds of a hurricane
        with a totally calm center
        relatively speaking
        gets tired..
        have a great now..
        i find now as the
        most delicious place
        of milk and honey per that
        poem titled Xanadu too.. my friend..
        and sure you could call this Hypergraphia
        too.. my psychiatrist wanted to give me Epilepsy
        drugs to shut the flow down.. but there is no dam
        for this River oF Ocean now.. nor shores to hold me back..
        and by the way.. Lewis Carroll is said to be Hypergraphic too.. and
        sure i can do greater non-sense than this.. as far as literal goes too..
        bottom line..
        the iNks bLot
        for purpose and
        meaning we all decide
        differently with will and
        sAMe too.. all pArt of Ocean
        as this micro-verse here
        as large.. it may seem
        here will go along
        with that
        verse above of another
        micro-verse noW iN a
        Macro-Verse larger titled
        ‘iSREAL Land Grapes of Joy’..
        that will comprise the 703rd Macro Verse
        of Ocean Whole Poem that is KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
        as pen name to date too.. and in that Pen name is
        a micro-micro-micro Verse that has many meanings
        as well.. and in each letter or number of the English
        Language and Roman Numerals as well.. the
        Essence of God and Universe whole may
        be found.. in micro-micro-micro-micro verse
        way as well.. AS above so below my
        friend.. the English
        on who arts it
        can in many ways
        reflect the whole enchilada
        of all that is.. however.. still
        only a form of the essence for all that is..
        greater than any human will pen by hand
        or digital keyboard as maestro of symphony
        of God same.. in abstract symbols.. my FriEnd..
        anyway.. Shawna baby.. my friEnd.. set
        the standard for this Micro-Verse
        my FriEnd.. and apologies
        to De here.. for filling
        up her blog..
        as always
        i copy
        and paste
        what i do as i go
        aLong and as alWays
        if anyone doesn’t feel
        comfortable with a Hurricane
        of Micro-Verse or Micro-Micro Verse
        blowing through like this.. it doesn’t hurt
        my feelings to be erased out in the field per se..
        as Ocean Whole Poem retains back ups of all that is here
        all over the Internet in many places too.. as i don’t plan now
        on having to do this whole thing over.. at least not in one lifetime.. friEnd..
        or 3 to 6
        or so..;)

      • Shawna says:

        I love your hurr/i/cane a/t/t/a/c/k/s. 🙂

  8. What a wonderful place… and though I’m more familiar with her saltier sisters I can understand… actually the smooth rocks polished by ice is so much like Sweden I’m sure you would have a similar sense here… BTW the saving of sand is something I have thought about as well…

  9. erbiage says:

    wow! what a pretty picture painted with words. i’ve never been, but now i’m not sure i can fully say that!

    i had something about sky and water as well fascinating stuff.

  10. Oh my God this is absolutely incredible an image 😀 thank you for sharing De ❤

  11. Shawna says:

    I’ve been once, as a child—to water-ski. You can imagine how that went, being the clumsy gumby that I am.

    Your line breaks, rhyme, rhythm, and parentheticals, as always, are ingenious.

    These are my favorites:

    “maybe she’ll don her
    crimson dress,
    put on her sunset best”

    “teach your children
    the significance of silence”

    “Jump from a rock.
    Sway on the dock.
    Kayak the shore.
    Explore” … Especially the “Kayak” line because it has my daughter’s name in it—so I’m picturing her doing all these things. 🙂

    “(wooed by moon, perhaps,
    like her salty sisters)
    she will wax forth
    oceanic and sing
    you a siren song”

    the closing couplet

    Also, “sprinkle” is one of my favorite words. 🙂 Of course, it makes me think of what her life would have been like if she had not died—Sylvia Plath, I mean—and gotten wrinkles instead. There are so many lives inside a life. Who knows how much better or worse things could have gotten for her.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      I’m glad you caught the line break at “and maybe she’ll don her” — I am hoping some year if I stay long enough, she’ll put ME on like a dress, and keep me. Also, maybe she’ll “dawn” me, too…fully wake me up and make me realize all that Blue might just be within me, no matter where I am…

  12. We had 2″ of snow up at the Lake last night! Love this, of course.

  13. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Tahoe is on my bucket list for sure. Have driven Donner Pass dozens of times enroute elsewhere–but your several poetic musing about her/it have peaked my interest. Always felt it would be too tourist trap like.

  14. Loved those last two lines! How long do you have to let it steep?

  15. kim881 says:

    I love the rhymes
    at the beginning of lines
    an the way the poem
    ends 🙂

  16. kim881 says:

    Sorry about the type – should read ‘and’ – my rheumatic fingers won’t type properly today!

  17. Really loved the and the combo of external and internal rhymes.

  18. Simply beautiful… I would love to visit this place. It reminds me of a wonderful family holiday when I was a teenager, in Scotland. We had some glorious weather and spent a fascinating day on the beach where we visited a vitrified fort and I learned all about it from my step-dad. Fond, fond memories.

  19. I am no longer amazed by your work! I am awed! Enough said!

  20. blissobirds says:

    What a place – lake of the sky – and your imagery (fairy dust! love that ending!) But I think the stanza that resonated the most was the wine to the beach and teaching the significance of silence. That could be a poem in and of itself. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    the lady of the sea looks like she had donned crinoline for this lyrical lakeside poem – there is magical silence between these lines

  22. You always make journeys magical. This is a Whimsey for sure!

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