Dragon (e)Scape


Fire has brought her to the brim
end of the sky, the mar
-bled place where why no longer

Scatter her scales, they weigh
nothing, anyway;
the frailty of her un
-checked skin, a song.

She wants, and haunts, her
heart a moon cracked open
to let slip free hands,

………………….known ghosts.



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4 Responses to Dragon (e)Scape

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    I love her heart, a moon cracked open…..

  2. LZ says:

    Pretty snazzy title, girly.

    Very, very clever:
    “Fire has brought her to the brim

    “Scatter her scales, they weigh [weeee]” … Like what I squeal when I’m on the swingset. 🙂

    Now you’re stealing my secrets (and I’m so glad); I see my tricks in the ending with the way you embedded “freak-known ghosts.” It also morphs into other things, like “freak ‘n’ own ghosts,” “two: let’s lip free … let’s lip freak-known ghosts … let’s lip, freak — ‘n’ own ghosts!” I could go on and on with different combinations and possibilities, of course. 🙂

    Love this … obviously.

  3. erbiage says:

    she wears a dragonesque cape
    thinking it protects her

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