Go, Ogle

Gia walks these
gemstone streets,
a Gemini uncoupled.

Break her open
and you’ll find her
elbow’s broken
but her
soul’s anew.

She’s an ogre
in indigo jeans,
and she means well
when she says Jell-O
is the best dressed goo.

Wish you were here,
she whispers, but where?
Who knows?

I swear,
she’s never been one
for geo

Just p(l)ay her
what she is oh


Another fabulous word list from my Shawna. Thanks, Girl, for the unstuckedness. 😉 ❤ 

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5 Responses to Go, Ogle

  1. Shawna says:



    You are the BEST at writing about me. 🙂 And you know I luhs me some Google.

    Dude. The way you layer and twist meaning as move from line to line is so rad:

    “Break her open
    and you’ll find her
    elbow’s broken
    but her” … Her elbow’s broken butter. {heart}

    My fave:
    “She’s an ogre
    in indigo jeans”

    I DO mean well. I’ll tell you why later. 🙂

    is the best dressed goo” … Tee hee.

    “she’s never been one” … Whoo, boy is THAT the truth!

    “graphy” … I LOVE the idea of a grape hi. 🙂 Surely there’s grape bubble-gum involved. Then maybe there’s a little “grapple-hi”/”grappling with hi” in there too. She’s socially challenged, in other words. But she smells good!

    “Pay her what she is OMG owed.” … FABU ♥

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Just play her. Cuz she’s the BEST. My Best Poetical Friend Ever.
      Also, the broken elbow is an extra-awesome funny bone. 🙂 You make me smile, always. All ways.

      • whimsygizmo says:

        And holy crap do I need it today. These people came home TERRIBLE. And the girl one – the GIRL one!!! – has a D in PreAlgebra. Same farkin’ teacher Zack had last year. Kill me now.

      • Shawna says:

        Right back atcha, baby. I luhs U!!!

      • Shawna says:

        Oh, man. That is the worst. Grrrr. Why can’t those mean teachees just let our babies mostly have snack and playground time, no matter how old they get? 😦

        Honestly, we would be so much better off if we were still grooming our kids to run a kitchen, raise babies, work a farm, and shoot shitake, instead of for college. It’s an absurd waste of human life.

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