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Porcupine Phonics in Peri{wink}le Paisley

Oh, Miss Daisy. Have we got a new leash on life for you. We’re drivin’ these creatures crazy with our fien(d) -ish ways, our his tree (pH)onics and the glazed-crease smile we gave those last suckers. How many licks (kicks) … Continue reading

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.. Here we stand, all fairy-shimmer green and keen to catch that dance-dark twist, our sister spilled and skipped across melting bubblestars. With a sinister grin, he leaves the door ajar, an open journey, lulling. Us? We’re strands of (p)rose. … Continue reading

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HeArt Confession

  I am afraid of my own dark shadow heart. Afraid of the ways it stops and starts and stutters and strains to hear. Tired. Of its tirades and tears. Mired in the muck of its un -stuck rusted out … Continue reading

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Sky Sliver Waiting

… Shadow that wily moon. Let’s find a way to make her swoon to something besides this scattered sky, these changing tides. She needs a good spanking, really. A hankering for something other than salt, water; the quiet waning of … Continue reading

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listen now

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Dragon (e)Scape

.. Fire has brought her to the brim (stone) end of the sky, the mar -bled place where why no longer matters. Scatter her scales, they weigh nothing, anyway; the frailty of her un -checked skin, a song. She wants, … Continue reading

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hand it to the moon

.. know she’s a sky-crack crescent checkmark, ghostfree and waning.   ..

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… Crack free your hands. Check pen. Know spill, and spin. Begin.   …

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To Arms, To Arms

(His) This world’s gone all cracked and cattywampus crazy again and oh, I wish we could be ghosts with transparent skin and checkered hands, polka -dot spots that say king me if you can. It’s a big ol’ mess down … Continue reading

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Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants

… If (perchance) you see her just out and about flouting the fin -ality of all, the spin and swim of be -ginnings and blendings, do not be amazed dis/Mayed or chaos-crazed by her bare and intricate deep, the quiet … Continue reading

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