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The Intricate Fallings of Everyday Love

There’s a smattering of blue-stain on the sky again, and You’re You again and I’m new again. We look up and the clouds have changed again and even breathing feels different. Fall is falling and my heart is calling out … Continue reading

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something more than someday, too.

.. she’s doing it again; layering her skin with doubt and promise, polishing the way she says I’m fine when she means to scream. she’s counting all the clicks and the tics and the tocks and the way that the … Continue reading

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mystery wax

Play magnetic poetry here.   

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waning gibbous

.. she’s melting again, on her way to fingernail -thin and disappearing. i’ve asked her a couple of questions, floated her a song, so i hope she’s listening, even in her current state of un. she’ll be back, I know– … Continue reading

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cumin in my coffee

  smells like feet. but it was too early to find the cinn -amon. start over. grind and brew. and please pass the nutmeg.

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