waning gibbous


she’s melting again,
on her way to fingernail
-thin and disappearing.

i’ve asked her a couple
of questions, floated her
a song, so i hope she’s

listening, even in her
current state of un.

she’ll be back, I know–

she’s got some waxing
to do, and some full (fool)
-fledged shenanigans

to cause for us luna
-tics, only to erase her
self once (or twice) again.




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10 Responses to waning gibbous

  1. Shawna says:

    1) Now I’m wondering if the moon waxes … down there. Plus also, where IS her “down there”? 🙂 She’s kinda round, ya know. Well, part of the time. I guess maybe she waxes when she wanes. 😛

    2) I forgot 2. Hmmm. Oh, yes. VERY clever parentheticals, hiding “fool her twice.” No shame, man. She’s not stupid. She knows when she’s being played.

  2. Love this! Luna -tics unite! 🌙

  3. Mish says:

    Love every word, but especially “current state of un”.

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