Footloose&Fancy {Free}


Oh, she
is barefoot again – all twinkle
turquoise toes and sparkle-skin.

Give her a sandy stage, the pull
and rage of razzle-berry moon,
the swoon of lullaby sea.

She’s determined
to shine, to daze-dazzle this day,
seize-sequins the sun with her song.

Wanna play? Just bare your toes
and point your glitter-freckled nose
true north, and (g)listen to the trees.


Prompted by Lill’s fancy-full prompt over at dVerse Poetics today. Come play!



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46 Responses to Footloose&Fancy {Free}

  1. lillian says:

    I LOVE this! 🙂 Especially turquoise toes, razzle-berry moon, and that glitter-freckled nose. Glisten indeed! 🙂 Wonderful take on the prompt. You’ve bedazzled me!

  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Whistles!! ❤️❤️ This is absolutely exquisite, De 😀 I can feel her zest and fire as she “is barefoot again – all twinkle turquoise toes and sparkle-skin.” Beautifully executed. ❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

  3. Michael says:

    Lovely images and a real sense of the immediate and being there…

  4. I love this De, especially your ‘seize-sequins the sun with her song’ and ‘point your glitter-freckled nose true north’, absolute gems! :o)

  5. I love the unexpected pairing of “rage” and “razzle-berry moon.”

  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I adore dazzle-berry moon pies; can’t get enough of them. I get the feeling of fairies here as well; little scene stealers & banality bandits.

  7. kanzensakura says:

    I love your take on this. Love the seize- sequins, pointing true north, the freckles…all of it. Wonderful beguiling and dazzling poem.

  8. This is wonderful… especially when paired with your picture… my toes need some dazzling too.

  9. Your word work is always so wonderful. I love that razzle-berry moon, i love the whole thing.

  10. rosemawrites says:

    oh wooow. love the feel and the rhythm of this dazzling poem, De! ❤

  11. Misky says:

    It makes me want to play!!

  12. and point your glitter-freckled nose
    true north, and (g)listen to the trees.

    One can match the intentions by acting and deciding there and then on what to do and how to go about it.Great lines De!


  13. kim881 says:

    Great title – reminscient of the Kevin Bacon film – oh how I love Kevin Bacon!
    This is a bobby-dazzelr of a razzle poem, De. I love that sparkling language – fizzing like champagne: ‘twnkle turquoise toes’ and ‘rage of razzle-berry moon’ are two of my favourite examples of alliterative, animated, I remember barefoot dancing when I was younger! You are so creative and original with verbs: ‘seize-sequins the sun with her song’ and ‘(g)listen; and adjectives: ‘glitter-freckled nose’. A stunning poem, De!.

  14. Oh, this is so heartwarmingly beautiful! I’m smitten with the imagery and energy you’ve created. She has succeeded in razzle-dazzling. ❤️

  15. Sherry Marr says:

    How wonderful! The “razzle-berry moon” and (g)listening to the trees!

  16. Miss Stacy says:

    yes! she’s carefree and shining!

  17. Beautiful…”Wanna play? Just bare your toes and point your glitter-freckled nose true north, and (g)listen to the trees” makes me feel like I am in the Wizard of Oz and that somehow if I do those things I’ll be transported somewhere else.

  18. the pull
    and rage of razzle-berry moon,
    the swoon of lullaby sea…. love that amongst all the other word images I read.

  19. Mish says:

    You are a word-dazzler.

  20. Bryan Ens says:

    A delightful bit of razzle dazzle!

  21. Footloose in sand
    alWays so easy to dance..
    Footloose in red state land..
    well.. that takes brave and
    a country
    free within..;)

  22. Grace says:

    I love this poem De ~ You have so many great poems it will be a challenge to pick the “best” for the Anthology.

  23. I find I’m wandering through your back catalogue. It’s delightful. Whimsy with an edge.

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