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Better Kindling

… The moon’s on fire again, akin to the dance-skip of her own bright journeyspill. Do you know her bubble-lull-shimmer-green-grin, the way she melts a shadow-sky; leaves us wanting? Her spark starts our twisted-crimsonrose fire, held breeze-soft in open jars … Continue reading

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It’s Monday, and

… The world’s all worn and wallowed; swallowed by its own storms. Spark me something new, some hue that says we might bleed ink, think ourselves (once, again) sane. Explain to me (and this lonely broken sky) why we spin … Continue reading

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Origami Dragon Plays Ro Sham Bo

.. Paper’s all it takes to mark that first spark, stretch it to a quiet, un-scissored sky. Ask her why she holds her breath, she’ll tell you the day is too long for all this rocky skin. Fold her twice, … Continue reading

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