dear fellow populators of this green blue marble,



i am weary of the words.

the world. the way we cast
our stones and groan our truth
and forget how very much we are
the same. the way we

look down at our own two shoes
and forget there is a vast wide sky

the way we
(you, i)
neglect our own gardens,
afraid to get dirt under
our nails.

our kind
is fading. we’re trading
faith for fear and wearing
(hiding, chiding)
our hearts in our darkest

i am tired, and tried
and true. i’m asking you,
let’s love. let’s give. let’s
walk this
path together, with
or without
a map.

in the mean
i shall
(quietly, quiet now)
place this poem


NovPAD, day 14

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6 Responses to dear fellow populators of this green blue marble,

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    An absolutely perfect response to the world as it is right now. I love the going barefoot without a map. I lift my eyes so often to the sky, to the trees, to all nature’s beauty that continues on so beautifully and generously, even while humans make a mess of everything. Loved this one, De.

  2. Great. how about that adjective? lol And another new ee to love. Thanks

  3. This is a wonderful comment to the state we are in… it reminds me of a song in Swedish how the world would be different if our leaders were walking barefoot.

  4. ihatepoetry says:

    Only you I trust enough to let you get close enough to drop this in my lap. Now, run away! Seriously, I love this gentle plea.

  5. Shawna says:

    This is INCREDIBLE. Yours and his, actually.

  6. PSC says:

    Oh. Oh! OH! I love this one! Beautiful, De. ❤

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