tree house


don’t mind us
…..(or find us),
we’re just up here
in our tree. Making chai
tea and re
-discovering our chi.

we’re brilliant-busy
listening to the whisper
of the leaves, the way
the wise wood
knows things.

you can join us,
but don’t jostle
or hustle
or hold;

(or bring the world.)

(here’s why):

we’re warming
our wings
and sometimes
we like
……………to fly.


NovPAD, day 15

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2 Responses to tree house

  1. Edward Rinaldi says:

    Sha-boom … what a beautiful evocation …

  2. Zane says:

    I’m hearing Claire from Clueless saying “like” and “as if” at the end, making the last line a hyphenate. 🙂

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