Keep This Under Your Hat

quiet place you hang your
home. Fold it over
twice and press the crease
against your unquiet
skin. Against your lips. Against
your ribs. Against you. For you

might find its pros(e)
and cons
(its p’s and q’s)
to be just fine
for any given moment.

Keep this
(paper, thin)
under wraps,
traipsed twilight
under gossip stars.

holding on
to what is true,
the north of you
the worth of you
the worst of you
and be(a)st of you;
the l(e)ast of you.

Keep that
which only you
can see.

Keep me. Un
-capped and waiting.

NovPAD, day 20 (catching up, backwards.)

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3 Responses to Keep This Under Your Hat

  1. whoever begins a poem with a hanging comma is brilliant

  2. ihatepoetry says:

    Brilliant indeed, and don’t you do that also, @angieinspired? Well, you’re brill too.

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