measuring the moon


we never did learn the metric
system, so for us it’s always
been a game of
inches. she swells,
she sways, she goes away.

put the measuring tape
(the scotch tape,
the duct tape,
the betamax tape)
away; we need a pro
-tractor, a compass.
a way to know the
circumference of this
vast wide sky. you

and i, we need a way
to say she’s gone,
and that we’re waiting.
she waning, and we’re
wandering about until
she plops up full again,
until she fills our souls
again, until she makes
…………….whole again.


NovPAD, day 25

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1 Response to measuring the moon

  1. It was a full moon
    that we sought
    to measure,
    but too late!

    What good to know
    the size of splendor
    after someone had
    it hung it

    in a dark changeling sky.

    (Thanks for the apposite
    and opposite inspiration –

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