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blue, by You

.. grace is the face of golden sky of places where Lake greets land in a stony kiss, where bliss is breathing believing in indigo spill and that sacred will win over all. it’s the graffiti-etched awe of driftwood scarred … Continue reading

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An Unsuitable Sky for Anger

  It’s indigo deep with crimson edged promise, dusked edges steeped in longing, belonging to no distant star. I ask questions of wayward clouds; they know essential {breathing} things but do not share. I stare at a fat moon rising, … Continue reading

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Waking Up Older

… Winter floats in soft, with the scent of pine and rain and I long to shed this aching skin, learn stillness. ………silence. You came down to hold these storms (all is calm) in tiny hands, light of the world … Continue reading

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Songs, Sirens, Starlings

.. Treble-tremble me loose oh, {adagio slow} untroubled and stanza’d soft. Hold me. Un -fold me to the tempo of timbre trees, slur me ………….{legato} to an indigo sky. Cadenza me a seasoned sonata chant, a rococo rant, a tiny … Continue reading

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shimmy, shimmy

…. she cocoa -pop slides right up into the sky, all smoky and serene and screened in by curtain clouds. she’s a sly one, not shy; golden dress slinky-twist fresh from sunset’s blush, sequin-ready for anything. oh, she’s got secrets; … Continue reading

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So, duh

… Call it what you want (depends on where you’re from). It’s just a fizzy drink, and arguing is dumb. Some call it simply “soda,” while others call it “pop.” And any brand can be a “coke;” it’s all just sugar-slop. … Continue reading

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.. Take your (basting) brush, and paint it in broad strokes: the stupidity, the closed eyes, the half-baked lies. Measure (sift, swallow, spill) ………….time. Know it’s gone. Allow your heart to be stirred (whirled, blended, pulverized into pulp) by the … Continue reading

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Full Moon in a Snowstorm, Waiting

.. Dance, tiny bubble shimmer girl, skirted in skip and spark and shadow -spill. There’s a scar-breeze breathing open your grin. It leaves us lulled, pulled, cued to cloud and snowmelt, twist of green shoot, gathered rose. We hold our … Continue reading

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Crescents in an Open Sky

…   She’s got stories on her skin, places the world has mapped her, trapped her, set her loose again. She’s got scars upon her heart, asterisks and small ellips and reminders that the world is good and true and … Continue reading

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