shimmy, shimmy

she cocoa
-pop slides
right up into the sky,
all smoky and serene
and screened in by
curtain clouds.

she’s a sly one,
not shy; golden
dress slinky-twist
fresh from sunset’s
blush, sequin-ready

oh, she’s got
secrets; things
she’ll never tell.

her silhouette’s
a shiver
casting her spell.




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5 Responses to shimmy, shimmy

  1. gypsy snow says:

    This is gorgeous. I love what you did with the title and opening. 🙂 Now I have to watch Big, like, immediately.

    dress slinky-twist
    fresh from sunset’s
    blush” … I’m insane over this image, picturing sunset as being her dress … not the moon, but a girl. On prom night. (We watched the new Carrie remake last night; have you seen it? I love that book/movie[s]. In the remake, she is the sweetest, most beautiful little thing. It was hard to watch the end where she slaughters everyone. I didn’t want her to die; I wanted her to snap out of it and move on, as sweet and beautiful as ever … even if she went through a seriously scary “crazy spell.” Whatevs. I’m gonna make it happen *my way* inside my head.)

  2. gypsy snow says:

    I also like the way you hid “cuckoo” in the first line. 🙂

  3. her silhouette’s a shiver…..tease
    casting her spell.

    This is something to see. Mysterious – must be alluring! And she is blessed with power with her ability in casting a spell!


  4. Bryan Ens says:

    oh what a seductive moon poem!!

  5. erbiage says:

    seductive, alluring indeed! i didn’t even get that it was the moon…

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