Songs, Sirens, Starlings


Treble-tremble me loose
{adagio slow}
untroubled and stanza’d

Hold me. Un
-fold me to the tempo
of timbre trees,
slur me
to an indigo sky.

Cadenza me
a seasoned sonata
a rococo rant,
a tiny shanty by the sea.

Victoria has us making music of words over at dVerse. Come play. 



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24 Responses to Songs, Sirens, Starlings

  1. Waltermarks says:

    Sounds quite relaxing, you should put it to melody.

  2. Edward Rinaldi says:

    near as I can tell a
    dancing cerebellum
    music doth lift my body adroitly
    tuned to where wearing words be not off key

    staccato slang sinewy bitten
    sirens do call me Winter mittens


    as always you’re a treat to read and this one wassails …

  3. lillian says:

    Cadenza me… that’s a sultry statement!! 🙂

  4. kanzensakura says:

    Lovely lovely lovely. You always make your words dance. Treble-tremble me….love those words!

  5. You are the best verb-maker, De. My favorite is treble-tremble. This flows so well.

  6. lifelessons says:

    Hmmm. Started one this afternoon and got distracted. Wonder if I can find it…

  7. Sabio Lantz says:

    Pretty — and the latin jazzed it up!

  8. Edward Rinaldi says:

    And another thing …
    what a beautiful dance of melody and rhythm to end the piece with … sublime 3-2-3 syllabic triple ending “ee” sound … it reminds one of carnivals, Fellini and how the ocean breathes in a certainty of music, a certainty of every myth we dare to put ourselves in and through …

  9. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Oh De❤️ this is absolutely splendid!! Love, love “a seasoned sonata chant, a rococo rant, a tiny shanty by the sea.”❤️

  10. Wow this was wonderful, the line-breaks, makes me think of something quite modern, like rites of spring or something like that.

  11. Misky says:

    Brilliantly imagined!

  12. kim881 says:

    Your words are dancing across my screen, De! I do love those lines:
    ‘Hold me. Un
    -fold me to the tempo
    of timbre trees,
    slur me
    to an indigo sky.’

  13. so playfully provocative and sensual in some ways ( at least to my ears) I loved every second of this.

  14. gypsy snow says:

    You are the most adorable thing. 🙂 So many goodies here. As a whole, it’s fantastic. But also, the opening stanza stands alone as a kinky little yummy something. Same with the second, actually. I especially like:
    -fold me to the tempo
    of timbre trees”
    “s/lur(e) me” 🙂
    and the leg/toe in that “legato” … or is it “leg ate O”? 😛 Or “trees leg-ate oh” (because of the stacking)

    I too like “Cadenza me” … but my absolute favorite is “rococo rant.” Roe cocoa rant. That’s when we’re all like, “We want sushi and hot chocolate RIGHT NOW, man!” 😉

  15. ladynyo says:

    This is unique and lovely to me. Treble-tremble. What a great usage here. More, please…this was very inventive…something I almost never achieve. But you did….marvelously.

  16. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Yes–verb maker extraordinaire for sure. I love the way you wrestle words into your own vibe. Like Kim, you had me at /slur me/legato/to an indigo sky/–line breaks were stunning as well.

  17. Truedessa says:

    Slur me into an indigo sky .. yes, to that I can relate! Take me to those beautiful undigo skies!

  18. a rococo rant,
    a tiny shanty by the sea.

    A stop-over at the shanty shack by the sea should be fun. Serene peaceful and breezy!


  19. Bryan Ens says:

    A very romantic use of those words!

  20. Now this is a poem I can sway to! Love it, De.

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