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Aubade with Scaly Skin

.. She’s dragon-dawned in crimson shimmerspark. Breeze-breathe her in, all bubble -melted sky, whispered curl. She’s girl. Shadow. Cloud. Open jar. Twisted scar. Dancing rose. She leaves you greened and grinning, right on cue. Skips and spills your journey forward; … Continue reading

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Golly, but the world’s got a way of arguing itself crazy, yes? .. An American sentence poem for Twiglets number 9.       

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Keeping the Dawn

… The day bullies us bid goodbye to the midnight spark -led blanket of hope, rope ourselves into some small semblance. Sky cracks open, broken. We bow and cow to clock, the tock of ticks until it dawns on us … Continue reading

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Listening to my 13-year-old daughter sing Alessia Cara on an ordinary Thursday night

.. But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart No scars to your … Continue reading

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let’s find the value of x

.. cross it out. see? that lost dream, that tattered seam sky. there’s a -nother why we’ve tossed aside. got an eraser? you’ll find its dust can thrust the worst from will and whim and wander. ponder this: some algorithm … Continue reading

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temporary furniture

.. we book cases, ceiling fans. wall papers. we’re rocking, easy; arm-in-arm. oh, we stand here – turning tables, folding chairs.   .. for the new-to-me fun twiglets.         ..    

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.. she dreams in spiraled clouds, candy spun of nothing-dreams. she seems a wayward soul, a lost girl in dragon skin. she’s begin -ning to believe in something, anything, this thing that is her own dark soul. she knows the … Continue reading

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Scrabbling the Sun

… We scar it with our own lettered shine, crescent it with moon fingers. Stairway it in stars. A it. B it. See it through new eyes. Vowel it deep; steep it into some semblance of silence. We tornado our … Continue reading

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Stolen Shine

… Dragon me a song full of fire, brimstoned in its own dark shine. Raven me a shadowed hope, a feathered sky. Scrim me a promise, star -dotted i’s and oceaned breeze tease. Oh me and know me, and trinket … Continue reading

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